Internet Services
Reliable, simple to us internet service is here and waiting for you. Future proof your home with our fiber connectivity.

Internet Service

Sign up for the next generation in broadband internet with our fiber connectivity.--NO CONTRACTS--NO CREDIT CHECKS--NO DATA CAPS!

Where is SFN? We are expanding now and contact us for your pricing.
We offer comprehensive internet and video services to the areas we serve. Our customer footprint of native and owned network includes over 15,000 miles of fiber optic and modified broadband plant through the eastern and southeastern USA, providing exceptional services to residential and business customers. The breath of our internet and video services is unique and is offered to customers on two distinct, but technologically advanced network systems.
SFN Fiber to the Home or Business:
For some residential and business customers we offer all fiber optic powered internet packages at speeds ranging from and up to 15-Mbps, 50-Mbps, 100-Mbps, 1000-Mbps.
SFN Enhanced Broadband:
We changed the look and feel of broadband with our recently retrofitted broadband networks. For SFN customers in our broadband networks we offer you reliable fiber optic originated speeds of 5-Mbps, 20-Mbps, or 50-Mbps.
We offer Wi-Fi across our network both on the broadband packages and our fiber packages. For the best experience we always recommend you plugging into your router that way you stay connected to the core network during important times.
All internet packages can be combined with SFN TV NOW, our proprietary video service that provides you with all the video content you want but at a price you can afford. The quality of service and flexibility we offer you is unparalleled. The best part, your price is the final price, with no add on's like monthly box rental fees and other charges. We keep it simple and it is beautiful to watch.
Want to learn more about your pricing or sign up?
Contact us via email or phone to confirm service area: or CALL NOW 229-232-8375
If you are having a connection problem with Internet or Television, email us at; For a continued connection problem more than 30min, email; You can also call 229-232-8375

*Actual speed packages may vary depending on location.