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True Gig Speed Internet
Southern Fibernet is committed to bring people together by harnessing the power of fiber connectivity. Our team brings speeds of up to 1,000Mbps right to your finger tips to complete what you need to accomplish, faster. 20 years ago the internet seemed to be fast however, it's time to upgrade to our fiber network, and experience True Gig Speeds. We accomplish this by installing all brand new fiber optic lines right to you from our central hub in Atlanta. We also provide traditional internet delivery over copper lines in some areas.
TV Services
Watch TV across our fiber network using our very own IP-TV. Allow yourself to experience TV with us and never miss your favorite show. We have over 150 popular channels available and a DVR system. Our TV also has the ability for local advertising or closed network channel creation with in your community. We love it!
Southern Fibernet's business group has over 35 years of connecting teams together to share information as quickly as possible. With our network you can send and share large files over a secure network in a matter of seconds to a few short minutes. It could be in the next office across from yours or in a office across the country. With our True Gig Speeds your work group is making decisions faster. Maximize your time at work and get the job done right the first time. CONTACT Mike at 678-723-8093 or info@southernfibernet.com
Multi-Dwelling Units
Much like providing our fiber connectivity to individuals, we also bring large communities together by providing people in large residential buildings the experience of True Gig Speeds. If you manage a property, you already know that in today's fast paced lifestyle, residents are searching not only for a beautiful place to live, but a beautiful place that has a True Gig Speed super fast internet connection. CONTACT Mike at 678-723-8093 or info@southernfibernet.com
What our customers say

I like Southern Fibernet more and more each day knowing that it makes my life easier. I love my internet speeds and my TV selection is what I want.
- Chris R.
I love having SFN TV NOW! Allowing me to access my TV on 5 devices at home with no cable box fees is great with no contracts.
- Sara G. Atlanta, GA